• Solesmes : Paques (2-CD)
Gregoriansk sång från franska klostret Solesmes.

The most primitive Easter Mass is the one which concludes the Easter Vigil after the administration of baptism and confirmation. Because of its antiquity, this Mass's musical scheme is greatly restricted: its Proper is limited to the chants between the readings, and there are no antiphons, introit, offertory or communion; its Ordinary contains only the Kyrie (which is still intimately linked to the litanies), the Gloria and the Sanctus, but no Agnus Dei or Credo). In short, it contains only the most ancient liturgical genres. But when this Mass of the Dawn became a Midnight Mass, a Mass of the Day was composed for Easter Sunday. This was the origin of Resurrexi, a Mass containing none of the liturgical archaisms of its predecessor, even though it does belong to the most ancient layer of the authentic Gregorian repertory

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Solesmes : Paques (2-CD)

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  • Utgivningsår: 2007
  • Artikelnummer: CDM9904-3056
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