• Victory christian fellowship (Fresno) : Experience the fire
Anybody who knows their jazz fusion will know the name Tom Scott, a superlative keyboards man. What they might not know is that Tom is a Christian and that with members of his church, Victory Christian Fellowship in Fresno, California is the major creative force behind two superlative contemporary worship albums. For me 'Experience The Fire' is the best live praise album I've heard. I found it impossible to sit passively listening to it and I was dancing, meditative and at times responding with love and worship. This album changes in style and tempo and takes you on a journey of spiritual response from the gutsy and uncompromising "Experience The Fire" and "By The Blood Of The Lamb" to the prayerful "I'm Your Temple" and "Lord You're Beautiful To Me" (my favourite track). The lyrics are all by Tom Scott except "You Give Me Shelter" (which is written by Geoff Bullock) and are powerful, faith building, easy to understand and identify with.
/Cross Rhythms

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Victory christian fellowship (Fresno) : Experience the fire

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  • Utgivningsår: 1994
  • Artikelnummer: CDM0902-L60442
  • Tillgänglighet: 1
  • 49 kr

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