• : The miracle maker
It's a story that's been told for 2000 years, but never like this!

The miracle Maker combines life-like 3D model animation with graphically striking 2D animation in this brilliant new portrayal of the life of Jesus, told through the eyes of a child.
Set in first century Israel, this entrancing film tells of a sick young girl, Tamar, who encounters a strangely compelling carpenter who performs miracles, draws together a band of followers and ultimately challenged those in authority.
The Miracle Maker boasts a distinguished cast of voices, including: Ralph Fiennes as Jesus, Richard E. Grant as John the Baptist, and Sir Ian Holm as Pontius Pilate.
Find yourself irresistably involved in the power struggles, the passion, the despair and the elation of the man who is The Miracle Maker.
Format Region 2
Längd (min) 87
Text Engelska

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: The miracle maker

  • ISBN:
  • Utgivningsår: 2007
  • Artikelnummer: DVM52-D212
  • Tillgänglighet: 2
  • 199 kr

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