• Demetrius and the gladiators
This successful sequel to "The robe" continues the story of Demetrius (Victor Mature), the Greek slave who, after the death of his master, is sentenced to train as a gladiator in the Roman arena. There, his newfound Christian faith is put to the teset when he has to contend not only with the swordsmen and wild beasts of the arena, but also evil and sensuous Messalina (Susan Hayward) and the mad emperor Caligula (Jay Robinson). Crammed with astonishing action and fight sequences, this heroic epic is not to be me
Format Region 2
Längd (min) 97
Text Svenska, Danska, Norska, Finska, Engelska

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Demetrius and the gladiators

  • ISBN:
  • Utgivningsår: 1954
  • Artikelnummer: DVM51-DVD280
  • Tillgänglighet: 1
  • 125 kr

Taggar: Demetrius and the gladiators