• Crabb, Larry : Inside out
You don't have to pretend you've got it all together. . .when you don't. You don't have to pretend your best relationship deeply satisfies. . .when it doesn't. You don't have to pretend your struggle with sin is a thing of the past. . .when it isn't.

"Only Christians have the capacity to never pretend," says Larry Crabb. That's because real change is possible only when you face the realities of your internal life and let God mold you into a person who is free to be honest, courageous, and loving.

If you want a more vital union with God, a richer relationship with others, and a deeper sense of personal wholeness, let Larry Crabb help you look inside yourself and discover how God works real, liberating change when you live from the inside out.

This new edition of Larry Crabb's classic work now includes the twelve-week study guide.
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Crabb, Larry : Inside out

  • ISBN: 9781600060991
  • Utgivningsår: 1998
  • Artikelnummer: BOBR90-K0759ENG
  • Tillgänglighet: 1
  • 159 kr

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